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A New Era of KISS

Legendary rock band KISS ended the final show of their Farewell Tour with an encore not performed by themselves, but by Digital Avatars.

The unveiling no doubt took fans by surprise, witnessing a performance by KISS not as their human counterparts but rather as KISS is meant to be experienced, by larger than life beings, lightning shooting from guitars, phosphorescent energy exploding from every drum beat and Gene Simmons flying above the audience supported by 12-foot demon wings, as a rock legend does.

The decision to digitally immortalise the band is a shrewd one. While giving fans the chance to enjoy this legendary act in new and different formats, KISS as a band has transcended the medium.

"The band deserves to live on because the band is bigger than we are."

Frontman Paul Stanley's words reveal the ultimate aim of this decision.

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley realised early on in the band's career the importance of branding and embracing new mediums.

From appearing in video games and animated films, such as Tony Hawk's Underground and Scooby-Doo!, respectively, digital avatars is the next logical step for a band looking to meet a new audience where they are.

These avatars will allow KISS to rock forever, in perpetuity throughout this galaxy and the next.

KISS in Fortnite? Digital Collectibles? A KISS Metaverse experience?

There is no limit.

Rock on!


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