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How to Buy an NFT without Paying Gas Fees on OpenSea

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Gas Fees have created an insurmountable hurdle for thousands of NFT buyers and sellers. However, I'm here to tell you that you can purchase and sell NFTs without paying Gas. Here's how:

Use the Polygon chain!

Polygon is a blockchain that works with Ethereum as its currency, but doesn't require the payment of Gas Fees.

Can I use my existing ETH to buy NFTs on Polygon?

Well, yes, but it is going to cost you...

If you have some ETH allocated to your OpenSea account, you'll need to bridge the funds to Polygon.

Simply click the menu icon next to the ETH amount and select the second option from the dropdown.

The downside is that since this is technically a transaction run on the Ethereum blockchain, Gas Fees come into the equation and you'll lose a chunk of your ETH to that conversion fee.

What I would suggest you do is instead of adding ETH to your OpenSea wallet, select ETH - Ethereum (Polygon). Since the currency is ETH, you'll pay the same amount for each ETH Polygon, but you won't have to pay any Gas Fees!

Now that you have some ETH Polygon, you can start searching for NFTs.

Simply search using a keyword you're interested in, then under Chains, select Polygon. You'll now only see NFTs available for purchase on the Polygon blockchain - Gas Fee FREE!

ETH Polygon is great for creators and sellers as well!

In my next article, I'll show you how you can create, mint and sell NFTs without paying any Gas Fees!


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