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You Can't Be the Expert

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Fear not, dear reader, I have not garnered your attention with a clickbaity title only to change my point to the exact opposite as so many do.

Granted, the sentiment of this piece should probably steer me in the direction of changing the title to "You Don't Need to be the Expert," but let's see...

The nature of creativity is doing something new and different, therefore, if you are creating something, pushing the boundaries of what has been done before, you are doing so with the understanding that it could fail, or succeed beyond all expectations!

The onus is not on you - the creator - to convince anyone that your campaign, or book, or film, or painting, or NFT, or stamp (you get my point) is going to work, because if you have done your job as a creator properly, you simply can't know.

Don't let me stop you!

Understanding this should absolutely not stop you from ever creating, instead it should do just the opposite. No pressure. You should feel not one iota of stress or worry ever again when pitching a creative piece of work.

Don't strive to be an expert. Be creative.


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